+LAQ Colors lipsticks are a healthy option to beautify your lips, since they are made with high-quality natural ingredients that provide exceptional skin care. We offer up to three different types of lipsticks to adapt to your needs: semi-matte, hydrating and personalized according to the PH of your skin.

Experience the difference of healthier and more radiant lips with +LAQ Colors lipsticks.

Lipstick with hyaluronic acid

Made with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and collagen, this gloss will plump your lips while hydrating them. Get thicker, firmer lips with full volume instantly. It must be taken into account that this product produces a menthol effect on the lips.

Magic serum lipstick

Designed to provide hydration and juiciness to your lips, the Magic Serum Lipstick is made with emollients derived from vegetables that achieve a feeling of extreme softness on the skin. It is, apparently, transparent, but it will give your lips a different pink tone depending on the pH of your skin.

Lipsticks with instant repair oil

Available in different aromas and flavors (watermelon, red fruits, mango and cookie), they repair and deeply hydrate your lips thanks to their active ingredients of rosehip oil, sweet almonds, grape seeds, olive oil, corn germ and coconut oil. argan.

Its formula is created to avoid the “sticky” effect and achieve extreme comfort.

Hyaluronic Lipstick

Discover the new Hyaluronic Beauty Lipstick from +LAQ Colors, the perfect option for irresistibly radiant and cared for lips. This lipstick offers an intense and bright color from the first application, with great covering power and an extra slippery texture that guarantees a smooth and uniform application.

Formulated with vegetable oils and natural active ingredients, it provides maximum comfort and a perfect affinity with the skin, while cocoa butter protects and hydrates in depth.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid and Collagen PrePeptide, your lips will remain firm and rejuvenated, addressing long-term anti-aging needs.

Available in 6 shades, Hyaluronic Beauty Lipstick combines color and treatment in a single product, giving you healthier, plumper and more radiant lips.

You deserve active cosmetics!

Lip fixing

Ensure the durability of your lip color with +LAQ Colors Lip Fixative. This innovative liquid is designed to apply to previously painted lips, providing a long-lasting finish. Once dry, it guarantees that your lipstick remains intact for hours, resisting wear and maintaining color intensity.

With +LAQ’s exclusive Lip Fixative, enjoy impeccable and perfectly defined lips all day long. Make your lip makeup last longer and look better with +LAQ Colors!