Nail polishes

+LAQ takes care of your health and your manicure. All nail polishes are dermatologically tested and carry the national pharmacy code. In addition, they are made with a high-quality formula and without toxic components.

Ultra Bright Colours

Get a perfect and long-lasting finish with the ultra-shine gel effect. Ideal to enhance your manicure with the most irresistible colors of this season. +Laq makes the difference because…

It is easy to apply thanks to its flat brush
Covers evenly
Provides shine and durability
Allows quick drying
Free of toxic components

We have + than 60 colours

How to use

Get an impeccable manicure in just three easy steps.

1. Apply the moisturizing base to protect the nail from dehydration and increase the durability of the polish.

2. Choose your favorite nail polish color and apply it. Thanks to the cat’s tongue brush and the uniform covering power it will allow an easy and precise application. To achieve a more intense effect, use two or three layers.

3. To get a very shiny gel nail look apply 3D Top Coat. It will provide volume, shine and intensity in addition to sealing the manicure to extend the duration of the polish.

Top Coat 3D

Top Coat 3D is designed to create the gel nail effect without the need for a manicure lamp. Thanks to its dual functionality, it provides a drying effect, but also seals the enamel in order to increase its duration longer than usual.

This beautifying treatment provides volume, shine and intensity, achieving a gel manicure effect and a perfect finish.

Fluor Collection

Get ready to shine with vibrant colors that capture the energy of summer. The Fluorine Collection from +LAQ comes to illuminate your nails with bold and vibrant tones.

These intense, bold colors are perfect for standing out on any occasion, from an afternoon on the beach to a night out. With its long-lasting formula and ultra-shine gel effect, your nails will look flawless for days.

Pastel Collection

With the arrival of good weather, we want colors that bring more joy to feel summer on the skin. The +LAQ pastel collection comes to give a touch of sweeter color.

The low intensity of the colour allows you to combine two or three polishes in the same coat to provide more dynamism. In addition, with the ultra-shine gel effect, you achieve perfect nails with a durability of 7 days.

New Colours

The Tahiti Collection and the Bali Collection of nail polishes from +LAQ will take you on a trip to paradisiacal places with their vibrant summer colours, while their long-lasting formula will ensure a flawless manicure all week long.

Spring-summer collection

For those who want a vibrant and full of life manicure, the display of the new Spring-Summer collection from +LAQ is the perfect choice.

This collection features intense shades that capture the cheerful and energetic spirit of the season, allowing nails to become a true canvas of color. Place this eye-catching display in your pharmacy and captivate those customers looking for a bold and fun style.

These polishes will provide vitality and a perfect finish to celebrate the arrival of good weather.

Pastel Spring-Summer Collection

Discover the soft and delicate elegance of pastel colors with the +LAQ Spring-Summer collection display.

This line of polishes combines subtle shades that capture the essence of the season, providing a touch of sweetness to any manicure. Ideal for pharmacies, this display highlights the range of pastel colors, designed for those people looking for a fresh, modern and elegant style.

Attract your clients with this collection that will bring a spring air to your hands, highlighting their natural beauty.

Nail Polish with Silicon + Keratin

Discover the perfect balance between care and color with our Silicon + Keratin Polish from +LAQ. This innovative product not only gives a vibrant touch to your nails, but also strengthens them from within. Thanks to its powerful formula enriched with Silicon and Keratin, your nails will be stronger, more resistant and full of life.

Do you want your manicure to be a true spectacle of health and beauty? Our Silicon + Keratin Polish is the answer. Available in a variety of stunning shades, this polish not only adds colour, but also nourishes your nails with every application. Make your nails look and feel better than ever with +LAQ